రాశి ఫలములు

Rasi Phalamulu/Vrushabham


Vrushabha Rasi

In English it is named as Taurus. In this rasi, it is considered that the name of an individual starts with I, EE, EI, EH ,U, OO ,AE, AI, E ,OH, OU ,VA, BA ,BEE, BI, VEE, WEE, VI, WI ,VU, VOO, WU, BU, BOO, WOO ,VEY, VAY, WAY, WEY, BE, BAY, VEH, WEH, BEH ,VO, WO, BOin this rasi. Vrushaba rasi includes the nakshatras like in krittika three charans, rohini, mrigashira first two charanas.

Vrushaba rasi is symbolically represented as a bull. It is the second rasi among all the 12 rasi. The symbolic representation of the vrushabai rasi is bull.

Character of a person belongs to vrushaba rasi:

An individual belongs to this rasi possesses charming physique with medium height, fair complexion, sparkling teeth, beautiful eyes with attractive face. It is observed that they have sound physique, with round face and thick neck plus they are also mostly seen with curling hair. The people belonging to this rasi are difficult and stable but slow manual workers. They are raises of old customs and taboos.

We can see lose temper at some instances, at that case they do not keep in mind the effects they are facing. An individual should try to take the advice of the other people. They love and adore jewellery, music and fine clothes. The individuals make friends very easily and behaviour efficient. They work with self – confidence and efficiently.

An individual person should slowly and steadily stretch their goal line. We can see their strength in their loyalty, strong minded and stability. There is no chance to change their mind set from the work they focus. A person belongs to Vrushaba rasi are self-controlled and never deviate from the work.

The people born in Vrushaba rasi have got a feeling of insecurity and they are never rash themselves and talk to others. The people belonging to this rasi are confident lovers. The people always play a safe game in any situation. Many people think that they are stubborn. So in that case of the mind sets of the Vrushaba rasi people, they are closed to radical changes plus towards the new ideas. They always give best in their in the undertaken.

The person belongs to the Vrushaba rasi are hardly secured under pressure and hardship. We can see there they have lot of easy-going nature and faithful.

A person belongs to this rasi are followers of respectable persons and they are obedient to elders and parents. They obtain riches and mature qualities. In earlier age of their life they may suffer, but gradually in the middle age the luxury continues in their life. They lead their family with moral principles.

They have a habit of travel and purchase thing to the special persons very often. They are disposed to cough and cold diseases. Concluding this, the individuals born in this rasi are considered to be happy all the time.