రాశి ఫలములు

Rasi Phalamulu/Midhunam

Mithuna Rasi

In English it is named as GEMINI. In this rasi, it is considered that the name of an individual should start with KA, CA ,KI, KE ,KU, CU, KOO, COO ,GHA ,YAN ,CHA, CHH, KAY, KEW, KO, CO, HA. Mithuna rasi includes the nakshatras like MRIGSHIRA last two charna, ARDRA, PUNARVASU with first three charna.

The symbolic representation of Mithuna rasi is “THE TWINS”. It is the third rasi among all the 12 rasi. The ruling planet is Mercury.
Character of a person belonging to Mithuna Rasi:

An individual belongs to Mithuna rasi have small face, indicating toward chin and they processes dual nature. It is observed that they have good human nature, effectual nature, sensible and show their intellect. Individuals born in Mithuna rasi also have pleasant, adaptable, imaginative, and thoughtful their nature is versatile.

The people belongs to Mithuna rasi have an appearance that is slim physique, dark eyes, giant height, thin hair, medium features. Normally they are with good influence of oration and soft spoken. While taking them normally use phrases. The people are having long organs of the body and mostly observed with a pointed nose.

Usually they are fast at work hours. When they talk, one can observe the logic in their conversations. Basically they are short tempered and also cool down very simply. Without any fatigue they can work consistently, here due to hard work it can affects their health. Individual belong to Mithuna rasi would receive help from the friends and relatives. They have very big family background. They have good body and always active mind; they have the capability of observing both side conversations at a time. The ruling planet of Mithuna rasi is “MERCURY”. So, the people of the Mithuna rasi are meant to be fluid minded. In a small instant of time they can change their state of mind from one thing to another. People with Mithuna rasi we can see nutshell calculation. The persons of Mithuna rasi have high level of communication skills so they go for individual businesses and gain profits. They are never afraid to speak in front of others.

Mithuna rasi people have high memory power; they have the strength to store all the data in their mind. Coming to the career they are observed to take up opportunities such as professions like IT personnel, teaching, mathematicians, fashion, computer operators, writing, brokers, personal secretaries, sales man, advertising, diplomats, accountants, editing, natural therapies, share dealers, medicine, commission agents, diplomatic corps and journalism. They also are observed to have a habit of reading books and some more about writing.

Coming to their relationship they prefer reason and emotions. The conversations with the others are difficult. These individuals play with words. They act as an advisor.

Coming to the health they have the weak nervous system and also are observed with shaking hands. They also can possess long run diseases like back problems, unary problems, lungs and chest problems. Hereby, due to these problems they can feel the stress.

Suggestions given to the Mithuna rasi are, try to avoid mental worries it affects the health. Try to maintain patience towards the other people.

Coming to the lucky days ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Friday’ are lucky days. Thursday seems to be average. After troubles they get to see the success on ‘Saturdays’. For the Financial deals ‘Monday’ is said to be good.