Rasi Phalalu- tula

Tula Rasi

Tula Rasi is known as Libra in English. In this rasi, it is considered that the name of an individual should start WITH RA, RHA ,RI, REE, RHI ,RU, ROO, RHU,REY, RAY, RHE ,RO, RAU, RHO, RHAU ,TA ,TII, TEE, THEE, THII ,TU, THU, THO ,TE, THE, TAY. Tula rasi includes the nakshatras like CHITRA last two charna, complete SWATI and complete VISHAKHA.

The symbolic representation of Tula rasi is THE SCALES. Tula rasi is the 7th rasi among all the 12 rasi. The ruling planet must be shukra.

Character belongs to the Libra rasi are:

An individual belong to the Libra rasi are generally tall and thin. They have eye catching vein and have a thick nose but it is very attractive.

The Tula rasi people are known to be the political, lover of peace, pleasant, friendly, educated and first-class looking   people.

They possess high level of intelligence and understanding. Individuals are well fair creatures as they continue self-control to delivery both their mind and heart upon an identical ladder.

We know that the symbolic representation is the scale so the people take decision very carefully. Balancing scales can be not an easy task, and keep them impartial require a different effort.
The sign of Tula rasi is also a principal sign, meaning that these individuals are motivated and enthusiastic to start new things.

People are very curious, SENSITIVE, good in perception, gentle, critical but are narrow minded. Attractive and easily incorporation with people around their genuine qualities.

Tula rasi individuals are religious and pious. They are logical and balance all their performance and relations with common sense.

They choose their career related to the mediating between two person or two groups, handling delicate matters, telemarketing, the law. They do have interest to work in art or craft galleries.

People belong to Tula rasi are spoken very less and they believe more in achievement. They are intelligent, learned and help full to the people and serve for the society. They trust in religion. At the early stage of their life they must do hard work but the fate changes to them in their middle age.

Many people are trying to help them. We can see the disordered skin like boil. Without any effort they impress the people.

They might be effected with the diseases like kidney problems, obesity, hormone imbalance and sugar.

Tula rasi people always prefer sweet food to take. It can increases the stress placed upon the pancreas as it try to rebalance the sugar level in the blood. If they are feeling stress at that case we can see imbalances of hormones.

Generally Tula rasi people will enjoy with good health and this contributes to their positive point of view on life. On the other hand if they eat too much drink and food, they are laying face down to skin trouble such as discoloured skin and condition of the skin is also bad.

In their native place they are come up. The Lucky colours arranged for Tula rasi people are Green, Light Blue and Pink and their lucky numbers are 6 and 9.

emical and army. They are violent in nature and they never care for outcomes in trifles and scuffles. From time to time they harm their fitness by addictions.

They organize and complete their work fast but irritate others by nature. They always believe in action and speak less.  People who come under the Vrischika rasi are helpful in nature, learned and intelligent. In some cases they involve in the social activities. They trust in religion. The initial stages of survive are generally marked with sufferings, but fate sparkles to them in the middle of their age. They know how to earn easily and quickly. They never maintain a proper relationship with their sisters and brothers. They have a habit to test their partners and friends, and demand to discover their limits. In this case they lose their friend and partners due to this habit.