Rasi Phalamulu- Dhanu


Dhanu Rasi

In English it is named as Sagittarius, it is considered that the name of an individual should start with YE, YO, YHO, BHA, BHI, BHEE, BHU, BHOO, DHA, PHA, FA, DHAA, DHHA, BHE, BHAY. Dhanus rasi includes the nakshatras like complete MOOL, complete POORVASHADA and UTTARASHADHA first charna.

The symbolic representation of Dhanu rasi is “The Archer”. We can see the archer during the wars. This defeats the other people with it and to win the war. The ruling planet of Dhanu rasi is Jupiter. In Telugu the Jupiter is known as bruhaspati. Dhanu rasi is the 9th rasi among all the 12 rasi.

Character of a person belonging to Dhanu Rasi:

An individual belongs to Dhanus rasi are individuals of standards, following their religious conviction. To their family they give the financial support.

They possess a strong grip upon bonds and family standards which are supposed to be followed all the way through life.

The person belongs to the Dhanu rasi have great capabilities, luck and happy approach on the way to the life.

The people belongs to Dhanu rasi search for new wishes to make up somewhat new approaches wherever on earth they go which make them very much inspired, and which could be truthfully useful for those in the region.

Naturally they are logical, enterprising, healthy attitude on the way to life, along with leadership skills. With their intelligence and action they gain popularity within the surroundings.

The shade of inquisitiveness is in the personality of Dhanu rasi, which may possibly also be seen in various things in the region, as they would like to see and know about the whole thing around.

Every time they have the liveliness to start new things even if they have ended the thing just now.

Person who comes under the sign are truthful, generous and optimistic. They show their nature like virtuous, loyal, modest and independent. They try to attain their goals in their life.

Basically they are born with golden spoon and they do not attain resources by their hard work.

Coming to the appearance they have attractive body, long face and long neck but finally look attractive to everyone. They speak very slowly and somewhat are popular by name.

They always stick to their friendship. People are broad minded and also courageous. They are observed to work without looking out for any results. They act as dealers; at that case they act very honest. In Dhanu rasi we can see good qualities that are from the Jupiter.

They chose their career related to law, ancient science, legal professionals, religious affairs, academics, international travel agents, philosophy, and import and export business.

They face the problems related to the muscles, over hips and thighs.

The lucky colours for Dhanu rasi people are orange, red, gold and white and the lucky numbers are 1, 4 and 6.