Rasi Phalamulu- Karkatakam


Karkataka Rasi

In English it is known as cancer. A person belonging to this rasi the names starts with HI, HE ,HU, HOO ,HEY, HAY ,HO, HAU ,DA, DHA ,DI, DEE, DHE ,DU, DOO, DHU ,DE, DAY, DHA ,DO, DHO. The symbolic representation of karka rasi is “THE CRAB”. We found the crab under the water like oceans, seas, rivers. The nakshatras comes under these sign are PUNARVASU last charna, complete PUSYA, complete AASHLESHA. Karka rasi belongs to the 4th sign among the 12 signs.

The master planet of the karaka rasi is moon. In Telugu we had known the moon as Chandra, which we can see in the sky.
Character of the person belongs to Karka rasi:

An individual belonging to this karka rasi are very sensitive in nature, conservative and introverts. Basically they live away from their born place. They are imaginative, having sympathetic and also energetic.

Basically they like natural scenery and most of them are water lovers. Many of the people of this rasi like wandering and love travelling. They are considered to be very much attached to their family members and home

If there is observed that during full moon then the people are fully energetic. In case of new moon they are less energetic. People prefer dong their works actively during the evenings compare to the mornings at that time.

Coming to the appearance their upper jaws are big, long organs of body, round face. They walk very fast, are straight forward person and speak fearless to the opposite individual. They are interested towards the opposite gender. The people of karka rasi are very creative and sensitive, but they get hurt very fast and easily.

An individual belongs to the karka rasi are stubborn, less hospitality, non emotional, fairly some of them are sentimental. They achieve gains from their company. In the karka rasi individual circle we can see only few persons who love them. Coming to their work there are slow workers. They follow the moral rights in their life and they like to send their life luxuriously. These people show their interest towards acting, drama, music etc. they have strong mind towards the work. Karka rasi people are seen being affected with the disease like gastric, lung infections, chest infections. On the left part of their body we can see moles, warts and scars etc.

They can face the problems like the lymph glands, digestive system and the breast.
The lucky colors to karka rasi are sea green, and lucky numbers are 3 and then 7.