Rasi Phalamulu- Simham


Simha Rasi

In English it is named as LEO. In this rasi, it is considered that the name of an individual should start with MA, MI, ME ,MU, MOO ,MAY, ME ,MO, MAU ,TA ,TI, TEE ,TU, TOO ,TE, TAY. Simha rasi includes the nakshatras like total MAGHA, complete POORVA PHALGUNI, and UTTARA PHALGUNI with first charna.

The symbolic representation of Simha rasi is “The lion”. We found the lion in forest and it is known as king of forest. The ruling planet of Simha rasi is sun. Simha rasi is the 5th rasi among all the 12 rasi.

Character of a person belonging to Simha Rasi:

An individual belongs to Simha rasi are very much courageous, powerful physique, tall in height and broad chest. They have commanding personality and also inspiring.

The person belongs to Simha rasi are born with highly leader ship qualities, energetic, naturally enthusiastic, and flamboyant. They have magic powers and they attract the people around them. They have healthy looking skin texture.

The people belongs to Simha rasi have an appearance that is big nose, strong bones, beautiful eyes and broad forehead. Individuals are very ambitious and also contain dominating nature.

They prefer their professional life in the field of administrative services, military and also in police services.

They are very religious, clean hearted and also to be proud.  According to their individual performance they receive smaller amount results and they never disappointed for that results.

The people are love to travel from one place to another place, they like hill areas. In their daily life they do adventurous. They move their vehicles very fast and they prefer for fast driving. When they are speaking their voice is low. They attain rise in fate very late sometimes it takes above 30 years of their age. They are strong-willed, autocratic, independent, suspicious, jealous, and ill tempered, ambitious and violent. They are physically powerful and uneven on the way to their subordinates.

People are thing of lives as very adventures; they take risk and fame to be won. They have a trend to arrange the lives of other people, it includes to quarrels and disagreements. Simha rasi people are rapidly stopping thinking about the past opinion, but the individuals they were quarrelling with may not be so quick to forget.

Shima rasi people are very generous, but on occasion their kindness is purely a show to appeal the respect of others. They lean towards to understand themselves in relation of how they need to be appreciated by other people and this can monitor to self-compromise.

When commercial problems appear, Simha rasi people are more likely to increase their incomes than decrease their expenditures. Essentially, they will risk overstretching themselves economically from time to time.

The heart is a main area of distress to the Simha rasi, as is the backbone. Their physiques are quite flexible; they can sometimes suffer from back problems.

When under psychological stress, Simha rasi people can experience occasional muscle cramps. When exhaust of vitality, fevers can be a common objection, but generally Simha rasi people have good recuperative powers.

Normally, Simha rasi people are loyal in relations and even if they may look for the care of others to feed their egos. They prefer one mate at a time.

The lucky colours for Simha rasi people are orange, red, gold and white and the lucky numbers are 1, 4 and 6.