Rasi Phalamulu-Vrischika


Vrischika Rasi

In English it is known as Virgo TO, THO, NA, NAU, NI, NEE, NU, NOO, NE, NAY, NO, NAU, YA, YI, YEE, YU, YOO.Vrischika rasi includes the nakshatras like VISHAKHA last charna, complete ANURADHA and complete JYESHTA.

The symbolic representation of Vrischika rasi is The Scorpion.  We can see the Scorpion under the water. Vrischika rasi is the 8th sign among all the 12 rasi. The ruling planet is Mangal in English it is known as mars. It is also ruled by another planet Pluto.

Character belongs to the Vrischika rasi are:

An individual belonging to Vrischika rasi are somewhat serious in nature and mingle with combination of jealousy. People related to the Vrischika rasi are having honest, sincere, trustful and trustworthy.

According to the looks they have big jaws and also big teeth, fat body, fair complexion and Medium height. Due to medium height they look fat.

Vrischika rasi People are self-confident, courageous and short tempered people. Their careers are related to business, technology, chemical and army. They are violent in nature and they never care for outcomes in trifles and scuffles. From time to time they harm their fitness by addictions.

They organize and complete their work fast but irritate others by nature. They always believe in action and speak less.  People who come under the Vrischika rasi are helpful in nature, learned and intelligent. In some cases they involve in the social activities. They trust in religion. The initial stages of survive are generally marked with sufferings, but fate sparkles to them in the middle of their age. They know how to earn easily and quickly. They never maintain a proper relationship with their sisters and brothers. They have a habit to test their partners and friends, and demand to discover their limits. In this case they lose their friend and partners due to this habit.

We notice that they have marks on legs and hands. They get irritated very soon and love ceremony more than truth. However they are opinionated and are soft hearted. Vrischika rasi people are mysterious, doubtful and look for control over every individual and everything they arisen from corner to corner. They obviously recall the times when they have been helpless and seek to restore these memories by gaining as much control as possible.
The negative people need to learn how to excuse and discharge the past, in order to live more completely in the present.

Vrischika rasi people face the health problems related to the adenoids, to nose, the bowel and the bladder.

The lucky colours for Vrischika rasi individuals are yellow, red and orange. Their lucky numbers are 3, 9 and 4. Luck days are Tuesday and Thursday.