Chinta Gopi Sarma is a famous Telugu Vedic Astrologer. Swami started his Astro career in the year 1994. Since then he has been practicing this not only in India but also throughout the World. Swamiji is working on the different aspects related to the astrology. He gave suggestions to the people in the Televisions and his views posted in News Papers. Guru contributed for many local and non-local television programs, he given his speech relate to various aspects we identified in the astrology.

People are very proud that he gives advice linked to all the problems like Vastu, Subha Muhurtham and Horoscope. Swamiji wrote many articles interconnected to Kuja Dosham which was faced by the peoples. He can analyses the mental and physical spheres of a person. He has the ability to solve the problems related to discretion. He also prepares birth chats according to the planet position, plus the potentials taken by the people in the way of their life and managerial their self-knowledge. Swamiji also provides the individuals personal development, and counselling related to marriage issues, job opportunities, transactions and health problems.

The aim of the site is to solve the personal problems related to individuals and along with their family members. Guruji’s main purpose of the site is to solve the difficulties faced by the people in and around the society. He solved many problems related to health, fate and inner self. He received many awards in the field of astrology and swamiji received Makara Kundala at the time of temple opening. He was honored with swarna kankana for two times .He was also awarded the Vishwa Jyothisa Shamarat Honor Award by (U.K).
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