రాశి ఫలములు

Rasi Phalamulu mesham


Yearly Horo scope

Raasi Phalamulu

Mesha Rasi

In English it is named as Aries. In this rasi, it is considered that the name of an individual should start with CHU, CHOO, CHE, CHAY, CHO, LA, LHA, LI, LHI, LU, LOO, LHU, LE, LAY, LO, A in this rasi. Mesha rasi includes the nakshatras like ASHWINI, BHARANI and KRITTIKA first charna. Mesha rasi is symbolically represented as a goat. It is the first rasi among all the 12 rasi. The symbolical representation of the goat in mesha rasi is found at the top of the kalapurasha. It transfers over mountains and green lands. They live in fire places, hidden places, gems and mines of metals. Mesha rasi belongs to the initial sign of the Rasichakra. Mainly the mesha rasi represents the fresh liveliness of life itself. In the existence part of the world it is the first step. A person belongs to the Mesha Rasi: An  individual’s belongs to the Mesh Rasi are achievers .It is observed that they come up with an appearance of a dark face, slightly brown colour eyes ,scars on the face or forehead, long neck, strong body, medium height, and talkative. And almost they are all always brave and fearless to an argument of thoughtlessness in manner. At any case, they never carry cruelty. Basically, the people born in mesha rasi are observed to have leadership qualities. They are always strong willed, natural and impulsive often self-centred. They are characterised that they never compromise for any situation in their lives. The individuals take some time in critical situations while making a decision and think intellectually. By nature these individuals are independent i.e., they do not depend on other for any kind of decision making or anything related to their life. They have always go a smiling faces and they speak very less.  Mesha rasi people are energetic to take up the new projects in their work. The individuals born in this rasi are observed to have small teeth on the lower jaw, and rabbit teeth on the upper, plus commonly they are seen to have flow of blood in the teeth. For such people anger reflects on their face, they travel a lot and regular transfers from one place to other place in life can happen. They are commonly short tempered and also impatient in nature. Belief in self-respect is seen in such people along with being vigilant and ambitious. They are straight forward and lovers of freedom. They particularly work for welfare organizations.  Coming to the health they have weak knees and allergic to lack of oxygen in the closed chamber. A lot of them are water anxious. Here people stick to their job or profession they do. They immediately do not show up their likes and dislikes infront of the friends and society.