రాశి ఫలములు

Rasi Phalalu-Meenam


Meena rasi

In English Meena rasi is known as Pisces.  it is considered that the name of an individual should start with DI, DEE ,DU, DOO ,THA ,JHA, JA ,ANA ,DE, DAY, DE ,DO, DAU ,CHA ,CHI, CHEE. Meena rasi includes the nakshatras like POORVABHADRAPADA last charna, complete UTTARA-BHADRAPADA and complete REVTI.

The symbolic representation of Meena rasi is “The Fish”. We can see the fish in water. The ruling planet of Meena rasi is Jupiter. In other words it is known as guru. In Telugu the Jupiter is known as brhaspati. Meena rasi is the last rasi (12th rasi) in the zodiac sign.

Character of a person belonging to Meena Rasi:

An individual comes under the Meena rasi they are innocent, have good qualities, possess logical thinking, truth fullness and they love mankind.

Comes to their personality they have small parts of body, beautiful nose and medium height. These people seem to be very lazy but are flexible. They are passionate towards the enjoyment and also possess good writing skills. Naturally they trust the people and they live simple life.

They are balanced, honest, broad-minded, smart, practical, spontaneous and also very imaginative.

In the early stages of their age they face risk. In that situation they are considered to be courageous some time and some cases they are nervous.

From the initial stage they try to develop friendship with popular and leading people only. People do work exactly with estimation in excess of matters and issues.

Because of their easy going nature they normally become popular and they tend to be more affecting to a certain extent than reasonable. They have good provisional power and also speculative power.

They choose their career in being musicians, acting, and writing and in poetry. A person comes under Meena rasi are excellent at everything that pulls at the core threads and they are mystical. They are really creative and can use their abilities of imagination and the people in the surroundings are also to be inspired. Unfortunately the Meena rasi people take the way easy out in existence life and never attain the degree of fame. They have a talent of existence good character models. They will be leaders to others; persons do aspect up to them.

Basically they have limited attention and resolve power. Always possess an impressive personality and commanding nature. They logically separate their moment in time between rest and work. We can see carelessness, idleness and in some situations dishonest in their dealings. Most of them are afraid of their sins.

In their life unexpectedly they earn large amount of money. According to looks they are cool and calm in nature. They earn by their own efforts in the life. They like to travel from one place to another place according to their interest and they also can possess huge number of children.

People belonging to the Meena rasi their lucky colours are purple, sea green and violet. Their lucky numbers are 3, 7, 12, 16 and 21.