Rasi Phalalu-kumbham


Kumbh Rasi

In English it is known as Aquarius. A person belonging to Kumbh rasi his or her name starts with GU, GOO, GHU, GEY, GAY, GHE ,GO, GAU, GHO ,SA, SHA ,SI, SEE, SHI, SHEE ,SU, SOO, SHU, SHOO ,SAY, SHAA ,SO, SHO ,DA. The master planet of Kumbh rasi is Saturn. The symbolic representation of Kumbh rasi is the water carrier” (pot).According to the rasi palan Kumbh rasi is the 11th sign.

The nakshatras belonging to this rasi are DHANISHTA last two charna,SHATABHISHA, POORVABHADRAPADA first three charna.

Character of a person belongs to Kumbha rasi:

An individual person belongs to Kumbha rasi they are lovers of individual freedom. They have an average body height, small forehead and little less attractive face.

Their appearance looks very serious in nature, imaginative and religious in nature. They are sound with large back. People belongs to this rasi are very helpful, kind in nature and behaviourists. They try to hide their nature and are very attracted towards their opposite gender.

They never make friends easily but they like the friends they have. They are scared of sins. They attain a friend of higher status and calibre.

The people have fair skin; oily forehead and hind limbs. They are very emotional and cannot see the adversity of others.

We can observe few health problems like stomach irregularities, headaches and digestive disorders. Naturally they believe in spiritual values.  They travel from one place to other place to get the source of income. They receive more money from more than one source.

In many of the situations they are fair, quick witted, frank, imaginative, broad minded, Spontaneous and practical.

If they choose their career paths in the related field like science, computing, television and radio then it is considered to be a good option. With conviction they maintain a strong belief related to their lives and they face oppositions from the others.

The people like to attend social gatherings and they share their thoughts and feeling with the other people. So in that case also they attached to the less people who are closed to their hearts.

Individuals belong to Kumbh rasi people are quite tending towards their life and nature. They acquire the knowledge about the nature and to identify the truth of their life.

They create their own world and they never allow other people into that. Few relations also come out from their logical eye rather than any of emotional thoughts. At the case of unemotional situations they turn into evil nature and heartless to their self-interest.

The lucky numbers are 7 and carried by 1.