Rasi Phalalu-kanya


Kanya Rasi

In English it is known as Virgo.  TO, TAU ,PA, PHA ,PI, PEE, PHI ,PU, POO, PHU ,SHA ,ANA, ANE, NA ,TH ,PE, PAY, PHA ,PO, PAU, PHO. Kanya rasi includes the nakshatras like UTTARA PHALGUNI last three charna. Includes complete HASTA and CHITRA first two charna.

The symbolic representation of Kanya rasi is feminine. It looks like grace full lady and duty bonded. Kanya rasi is the 6th sign among all the 12 rasi. The ruling planet is mercury.

Character belongs to the Kanya rasi are:

An individual belong to the Kanya rasi are very sensitive and also shy. They originally walk with a curved neck. Bright and breezy is an irregular sign of their behavior. They are practical, love elegance in life and intelligent naturally they are exhausted and lazy. The people with the power have sparkling smiling face and are light hearted. They are seen to be slow at work. Their voice is observed to be in high pitch.

An individual belonging to this rasi look middle heighted. By nature they are artisans. They are logical, patient, observant, studious, sensible and soft spoken. They never share their secrets with the other individuals. They are smart but isolated.

They may suffer with some common diseases like stomach aches, diarrhoea, skin allergy, loose motions.

They move forwards themselves towards perfection, Kanya rasi people can be hard on themselves, expect more of themselves than others expect of them.

Individual belongs to this Kanya rasi are protracted towards their family and friends.

They can turn into critical situation, of those close to them when they feel that better results could have been achieved.

They show their passion towards travelling. Rarely are they observed t have tempered. They move from their birth place to another place to survivor.

Regularly without reason Kanya rasi people are over conscious of their health. The people prefer salty favour rather than sweet foods and they are habitually moderate in drink, food and exercise.

Standard physical exercise to make up for the mental exercise helps to keep the Kanya rasi people balanced. Coming to the negative type, Kanya rasi people can turn into health passionate.

Even though their bodies are relax but their minds are regularly active. They resolve their problems as they work. They are never straying idle.

Kanya rasi people are in love with puzzles, trouble which have need of careful analysis to get a solution. They think it is an opportunity to test their intellectual powers. They have good and clear memories, which increase their problem-solving skills.

They choose their career in the field of medicine, natural therapies, accountancy, small business and chemistry.

Kanya rasi people can often learn not including creating their own mistakes. They hate mistakes. These approaches stifle testing and can limit development, which is unfortunate because mistake may led to some of the furthermost invention in the past.

The lucky colours for Kanya rasi individuals are Blue and Beige and their lucky numbers are 9 and 12.