Rasi Phalamulu-makara


Makara Rasi

In English it is known as Capricorn. A person belongs to the Makara rasi his or her name starts with BHO, BHAU ,JA ,JI, JEE, JHI ,KHI, KHEE ,KHU, KHOO ,KHEY, KHAY ,KHO, KHAU ,GA ,GI, GEE, GHEE. The master planet or ruling planet of Makara rasi is Sani. It is known as Saturn. The nakshatras belonging to the Makara rasi are UTTARASHADA first three charna, SHARAVAN, DHANISHTA two charna. Makara rasi is the 10th sign among the 12 rasi.

The symbolic representation of Makara rasi is the crocodile. Crocodile is an aquatic animal, which we can find in the water.

Character of a person belongs to Makara rasi:

An individual belonging to Makara rasi are having thin body and also thin teeth, strong bones, long necked, hair on their scalps. It is noticed that they have sharpen chin. They always maintain steady and serious nature. They set high values for themselves. In some cases their social activities are different from the private lives. They are crucial in nature and yet they do not standby themselves in denigration.

The people of Makara rasi are very slow at their work but are very confident. They are observed to have large families. They are reserved in nature and also introverts. They are very much ambitious and try extreme to obtain higher position in their life.

Makara rasi people are very self-regulating because they make out their capability .they rarely believe others to finish information. According to their like they do the entire things by themselves. Makara rasi is the longest of all rasi palan.

Makara rasi people are strong in friendship; they are always seen to be at the rescue of their friend. They are very kindly, caring and sympathetic to a friend in need.

Makara rasi character is geared just before that of management and accomplishment. All the time they desire to grow up the business ladder and give the greatest they can be.  Makara rasi people have excellent wisdom of time and can manage it very well.

They are very excellent organizer. They are very resourceful, not spontaneously inspired but it is integrated into their period administration skills and their ideas for execute are as an arrangement. They make good, intelligent savings because they look at the long term and fact will be the most favourable down the road.

they are having higher will power. When they do not succeed to reach the goals at that case they get very disappointed. Their aim is to set a objective in their life. In their life we can observe various stages and seers in Makara rasi. In their life they face strong enmity and rivalry.

They face problems like hypertension, back pain, allergies,

People belonging to the Makara rasi their lucky colour are brown and peacock blue. Their luck numbers are 6, 8 and 9.